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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Supreme and Vapor skates also fit quite differently, Supreme's have a wider forefoot (the standard "D" width Supremes actually are built on a last with a slightly wider "E" forefoot, while "D" Vapors are actual D width). Also, Vapors have a more pitched forward stance (good for quick acceleration going forwards, but not as great for going backwards), while Supremes have a more neutral stance. I'd say most new skates on the market have a more pitched forward stance than Supremes, which have more of an old school stance, but you'll adapt to pitched forward or neutral within the first few skates anyways.
Great post!

If I remember correctly, when the Vapors first started coming out the marketing was geared towards the agile forward while the Supremes were geared towards power forwards and defenseman. I believe their two main guys were Pavel Bure and Eric Lindros wearing these signature lines.

I remember my first major skate purchase was a set of Bauer Supremes in 98 and with the fit, they absolutely crushed my ankle so bad in my first skate in them that I had a lingering blister for 3 weeks! But with the materials, I was moved to another skate and ended up in Graf 705s for several years - I'm thinking that Bauer wasn't really into heat molding yet, but Graf was?

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