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05-10-2011, 01:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Cmoneyflyguy View Post
Sorry Doom, but to see you defend the Philly media is a bit sickening. Their **** rep is earned.
They constantly speculate, and take things out of context. It's one thing to editorialize, it's another to print supposition and speculation as fact.

One need only look to Pronger's comments on the Giroux situation to see a picture perfect example of their ineptitude.
You see me as defending them I'm trying to make the distinction that you can't always malign everything they do either. I don't take either extreme view but to each their own. To me extremes are "sickening." The media is necessary if they do their job correctly and with integrity. I have my issues with the media but I also have my issues with management..."lower body injury" anybody? I don't mind a prodding media but it doesn't mean I condone them making crap up either..that's not my stance but you can read into it as that all you want.

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