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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
And therein lies the problem with Jacques Martin. He fails to grasp the concept that a coach is responsible for ALL of his players on the roster.
What do you think he should've done with Pouliot then? Play him on the top-6, where the matchups would have:
- make him produce less because he is faced with better forwards and defensemen
- hamper his line defensively because he's not only much too aggressive he doesn't really have the defensive positioning game to play against top players
- worn him down
- made him look bad as a result of the above?

People really need to realize that playing in the top-6 is in no way a cushy opportunity that allows a player with offensive skills to strut their stuff. If that opportunity exists, it's only on the power play. In the modern NHL, a top-6 role is a serious responsibility that requires two-way ability.

In no way was Pouliot benched for "a single mistake". It was an accumulation. Pouliot's icetime was gradually curtailed because he was not only not getting the job done, but getting worse.

Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
If Markov and Gorges would have been healthy, we would have seen Subban sitting in the press box as Martin showed he was on a short leash. The only reason Subban played was the team did not have anyone else to play.
I don't believe that at all. There is no way to argue this considering that by the end of the season Martin was using Subban systematically as the first pairing -- when the option of reuniting Hamrlik and Spacek, who had been effective in this role

Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Eller has a huge upside yet he was relegated to less than 10 minutes of ice time, slowing his development. Same for Desharnais who game after game showed that his line with White and Pouliot could score goals and play an aggressive forecheck in the neutral zone that resulted in turnovers. Yet DD only got a little more than 6 or 7 minutes of ice time during the regular season.
Eller was given increasing amounts of icetime in increasingly tougher situations as he developped. It was the same approach used to bring up Plekanec, and that worked quite nicely, thank you very much. Not everyone is Sidney Crosby. Eller is going to be an important piece on a strong NHL club at the tender age of 22. That's really very young.

DD averaged 10 minutes a game in the regular season and, most importantly, almost two minutes a game of power play time. He was not given a raw deal in any way, shape, or form. Considering that he needed to be sheltered, Martin actually went out of his way to give him opportunities -- but DD earned them.

Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Pacioretty had already called out JM in the media. Yes, when he came here, he started scoring immediately. Had he not, he would have faced the same situation as Pouliot, playing junk minutes on plugger lines and sitting on the bench watching Moen flub another pass from Gomez.
Don't you think that, if anything, MaxPac actually calling out his coach wouldn't normally have led him to getting less opportunity, rather than more?

Look, I think Martin can be criticized for his handling of Sergei (but not his utilization) and he completely borked Latendresse, too. But when you say that this year he has been holding back the kids, frankly, you're imagining justifications to make it stick. You're assuming that Markov and Gorges would have put Subban in the pressbox and that Martin actually cares enough about a kid talking to the media to play him more (yet proved mysteriously immune to all the calls demanding he play DD more). It just doesn't add up.

Montreal played what, four, five rookies on a semi-regular basis? White, DD, Eller, Subban, and Weber? On a 23-man roster, that is a huge number. And that doesn't even factor in MaxPac. That's a lot of NHL icetime devoted to the kids.

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