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05-10-2011, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by MoveTheTeamAlready View Post
Preds need a bonafide scorer...we're not getting one, for this next year, at least.

So what can we do to get better? How about an NHL-caliber powerplay? Just think if we had a PP that could actually shoot pucks, let alone score goals.

It has been estimated (by me, and my numbers may be off) that with a PP scoring at a measly 12%-15%, we would have scored 800 more goals in the reguar season, and 94 more goals in the playoffs.

I wonder what the scores in round two would have been with an extra one lousy PP goal per game, or just one every-other-game. Hmmmm.

So, forget spending money we don't have on a scorer (who Trotz will turn into a 3-way non-scorer anyway).

Instead fill the asst. coach opening with an effective PP coach with the authority to override Trotz and force the team to practice only PP as long as the PP conversion rate is below, say, 12%.
Not sure what formula you used to get your numbers but I think you slightly miscalculated. We scored only 219 goals in the regular season and the NHL leader scored 262(Vancouver). So with 800 more regular season and 94 more playoff goals I think we would win the cup. Maybe you missed a decimal point.

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