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Originally Posted by Zine View Post
And let's not think the sky is falling. It's hasn't even been 2 years since a 27 game winning streak at don't do that without all the right pieces in place (NHL + KHL).

Good coaches have the ability to evolve and change. BZ became arrogant and complacent and it was evident during the olympics. Remember the olympic summer camp? While Canada was having an intense and serious camp, BZ held a light scrimmage for the entertainment of fans with Zakharkin saying "We're fine, we know how Canadians play" . It's no wonder the team was steamrolled. Ovechkin even said they receive more preparation for regular season NHL games.

It's not the players. BZ have become stale and need to go.
I agree with most of what you say, although I'm not sure that all but a few players are "ridiculously talented." After bringing the program back to prominence, starting in 2007, Bykov and Zakharkin have lost their ability to motivate players and outline winning schemes. It seems to have started with the steamrolling at the Olympics, which sucked the confidence right out of the team. I believe that the psychological fallout from that 7-3 loss at least partially explains why Ovy and Kovy had mediocre years in the NHL this year, and why a star-studded lineup failed to win gold at the WC's last year. I loved Bykov as a player, so I hate to badmouth him now, but I agree that he seems to have lost whatever he had as a coach.

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