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05-10-2011, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by fauxflex View Post
As I've said in "other threads"

Bob is younger (22) and has played mostly on losing teams. Schneider has never had a losing season at any level and at 25 yrs old, has already had the benefit of ample seasoning in the AHL. I believe this makes Cory more proven and NHL ready than Bob and thus he represents less of a risk as a go-to young stud to take the reigns of a team. Further, Schneider's numbers in starting more than 20+ games this season have been significantly better than Bobs. Schneider posted a 2.23 GAA and .929 SV% vs Bob's 2.59 GAA .915 SV%. Both are strong lateral movers but Schneider is more aggressive and challenges shooters more effectively. I also believe his positioning is better, his glove is stronger. Both of them need work on their stick handling, which should come in time.

Bob is a good, young raw talent, but Schneider is more of a sure thing at this point in time. The Flyers window of opportunity being what it is with an aging Pronger and Timonen, I'd feel more comfortable and excited with Schneider for the reasons I've stated.
Your failing to add the rest of his stats though....

Rookie season (22 years old turning 23) he played 8 games, going 2-4 with a sv% of .877 and GAA of 3.38.

2nd season he played 2 games, with a 3.38 GAA, and a .915 sv% (not bad sv%)

3rd season as a 24/25 year old, he played 25 games, going 2.23 GAA with a sv% of .929.

So how does a rookie goalie who destroyed Schneider's rookie stats (while being in his first season in NA) in his rookie season (while being younger) be soooo much greater then Bob?

You are making Schneider sound like an all star. He is great in everything except stick handling? Sorry he isnt a super star, and if he was a sure thing at being a super star why would the Canucks deal him? You keep saying he is a sure thing to be good. Evidence? Where is it? There is all.

Right now we need a goalie who we KNOW is good, not one who, meh could be, could not be. No one knows. Sorry but to keep saying that he is going to be a super star, doesnt mean he is going to be.

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