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05-10-2011, 03:00 PM
Ed finally concedes!
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Originally Posted by phillyfanatic View Post
The only time Richie has been pissed is when his coach was fired, his teammates were traded, his teammates were made to be partying every night. He was quick to hit the media to get behind "his team".

The media talk **** about Richie all the time, he doesn't say squat. Now that Tim is writing articles about the Lavy and Richie relationship.....he is blasting him.

I love it. Tim should not be able to "create problems". Everyone is saying "no problem with coach and player. Normal relationship, not perfect, but good". Everyone is saying "Pronger and Richie get along just fine". Everyone is saying "Richie is the captain, quiet and reserved, but well respected by team and organization".

Tim P writes......the opposite. How is that journalism? It is B.S.
Maybe Richie then should just kill it by silence rather than get worked up over it. Like they know you are reaching your target sometimes by the amount of flak you receive.

Tim P obviously has his integrity issues but I don't mind him prodding. He should interview Richards to get the other side so he doesn't look like he's engaging in yellow journalism but like Zherdev who thinks Panaccio looks like he's from the Russian mafia...Richards wants no part of him.

This is all about taking things personal....I think it's best to read between the lines of the interviews and draw your own conclusions rather than pass judgement solely on some personal dislike for the guy or emotional reaction. Then again just human nature..not like Panaccio hasn't irritated me..but actually it's more when he does just tow the management line. Personally I like journalists who muckrake....not sure Panaccio epitomizes that but again I'm more interested in the actual quotes he gets not so much his slant which yeah nobody should take at face value. Just need critical thinking skills. What would irritate me more is if we only heard management's side only and didn't have the other side to challenge the company line. Checks and balances...and personal critical thinking skills help your separate the wheat from the chaff...

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