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Originally Posted by Kritter471 View Post
Just for clarification, a sports hernia is a herniated groin muscle. What you're describing in a lower abdominal is just a (potential) hernia.

The difference in a hernia and a strain/tear is that hernia is when tissue has moved through a hole or other weakness in the muscle wall while a strain/tear is just the stretching or tearing of the muscle tissue with no other tissue coming through it. Most hernias have a visible or palpable bulge, though not all of them do.

Given that you have nothing bulging, I'd guess you have an abdominal strain, which can be just as nasty in terms of recovery. NHL players are out 4-8 weeks depending on the severity of the strain. The time it takes for recovery depends on the severity of the injury (stretching vs. partial tear vs. full tear, though you would almost certainly know if you have a full tear).

This is a good article on abdominal strains:
Thats what makes it tough to diagnose . We are hoping it is just a tear, but even the DR cant be sure just yet. from the article, symptoms are very similar between Sports Hernia and lower Abdominal tear/strains. As far as the Adductor pain, that could be just from the Abdominal tear to, or that could also have been strained. There was no buldge that i noticed, but with so many tendons and muscles attaching there, any tear can be magnified.

Rehabbing now of course, hoping it will not require surgery, and it doesn't seem like it right now. Most has to do with stretching at the moment, but some slight core strengthening too. We'll see what happens.

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