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05-10-2011, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by NobodyBeatsTheWiz View Post
This is fast approaching idiocy. Of course GMGM answers to Leonsis. Leonsis is doing what any owner should: leave the hockey decisions to the hokey people. That's what they were hired for.

Usually you have some pretty decent responses and things to add.

Let's play this out, I'm the president and you're my VP. I own everything like a Bill Gates but I leave all the decision and policy making to you, you run my business, I just write the checks and live on an island somewhere.

I hired you 14 years ago to become the #1 business in the area of whatever it is we do. Let's say we are a clothing company, I want to be the most profitable out of all the other companies, but I've left it to you, because like I said before I just watch from a distance and see my bank account grow.

This company has never been #1 in our near 40 years of being an established business. Some of our direct neighbor competitors have been #1 in past years. Two of our biggest rivals have been #1 in 2004 and 2006.

Now my last VP left us in a good position, and you are awesome, you took my company to #2 most profitable clothing company in the world your very first year here. I love you, you are my main man. After the #2 overall finish in your first year things steadily decline, we are losing money but not too much. A few years pass and we go from #6-7 to the 30th best clothing company in the world. We suck, we can't do anything right.

Along the way things change and we rebound, we to to #15, we are in the middle of the pack. I tell you I want my original plan to be revived, we must become the best! You steadily take us from the middle of the pack to top 10, we float around 9-10 and one year we are almost in the top 5, not quite but almost there. After that the company falls back to the low teens and our projections show we are going to hang around that area for some time.

1) ***Did you do what I asked you?***

2) Did you come into a good position when I hired you or did you come into a bad situation and turn it around completely by yourself.

3) Given your history of management, where can I expect my company to rank next year and 2-3 after that?

4) Are our direct competitors in a better position than us now and in the future? Have our direct competitors been in a better position in the recent past?

Some of you are just so dense, I hope this analogy opens some eyes.

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