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05-10-2011, 07:27 PM
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State of Today's Game in Relation to our Team

This is a long overdue post, just want to get some thoughts out...

Today's NHL does not reward Petr Nedved wrist-shots. For those clamoring for Simon Gagne in October, you're not paying attention. This is not a video game. Moreover, the days of trying to obtain the veteran who already had his career, is over. It reminds me of a quote from the movie, Major League - one of the Cleveland Indians coaches is talking to another about Roger Dorn coming to spring training. "Wish we had Dorn two years ago." ..."We did" ...."Oh, four years ago then" - Point is, just because a player scored 30 three years ago does not mean he can 'recapture' that production. Fact is, the shelf-life of these guys is a handful of productive years. Very few play well into their 30s. The motivation isn't there. The body breaks down. These guys have families. The hunger subsides; security sets in.

More than ever, today's league is a man's game. In constructing a player, you need individuals that thrive on puck-possession; tremendous strength, and willingness to fight for the inch. I do not care about 'combine speed' ; I value recovery speed, ability to change directions, hockey IQ...

These are not earth shattering concepts but I wanted to generate some discussion about this topic; and ensure that the majority understand what we're after here...

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