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10-16-2003, 03:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Stevex
Actually no he hasnt. The difference has been so little that the lead has changed from game to game. Burke probably has regained it now considering his impressive start to the season.

Incidentially its quite amazing how Philly fans have jumped off the Cechmanek bandwagon.. you cant see them for dust now. Its always been ironic how using save percentage was their best defense for Cechmanek and yet Sean Burke's as well.

And yes I do still think Cechmanek is very good. Say all you want he still has gone 3-1 with the only defeat to the Redwings who arent exactly minnows. I just think Burke is even more impressive for doing it on a basement team.
He hasn't what? What part of my post are you questioning?

Oh, and I was using Cechmanek as an example before he was traded away, so don't call me a bandwagoner. If the boards hadn't crashed, you could look it up. And you only helped to prove my point... If we're going to use stats to back up our claims, then we have to be fair when we do so, and apply the same treatment to everyone. Coyotes fans use Burke's stats to defend him, but no one uses Cechmanek's stats to defend him, even though they are comprable or better.

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