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Originally Posted by Coppy View Post
I have nothing against the "media" as people are putting it, I'm actually studying to become a member of it (was covering Flyers practice last week). But people like Tim Pannacio just give everyone a bad name. They poke around for stories that are not there, ask questions that lead players and coaches to say things they can manipulate into a story they already had in their head before they set foot in the lockeroom. Good for Richie for speaking out and at least getting his side of the story out there.

People act like feuds between Players and media are a new things. They've happened in every sport, since press were allowed in the lockerrooms. What makes it so prevalent now is:

A) there's never been so much coverage of teams from so many different outlets both local and nation
B) Up until now, players had no way of responding openly to the media. With Twitter, players can vent their anger openly

Also, most members of the media have the class to try and put their personal views aside and look at players without bias. Timmy clearly has let his feelings towards certain players effect how he covers the team. IMO, he is using his articles to further his own agenda.

Yeah... Its not.
Well if you've "covered" the Flyers like you claim, you wouldn't even be questioning the locker room rift. We've only known about it for a year and a half now.

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