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05-10-2011, 11:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Pugs35 View Post
Yes, the NHL draft is hit or miss, that's fine. But my thought is that the 'hits' have to be much bigger than they've been for this team. Other teams find a John Carlson, Parise, Eberle, Getzlaf, Perry, Carter, Richards, Letang, Subban, Stastny, Giroux etc..

Yes, the Rangers have their hits in guys like Dubinsky, Callahan, Lundqvist, Stepan and Anisimov, but no one in that group outside of Lundqvist (and possibly Stepan) can really compare to anyone in the group above.

Every team in the league has their boneheaded picks and misses, but the draft picks that'll win you cups are the steals and gems you get mid-1st round/ 2nd round. Our hits haven't come close to that as of yet and that's the issue I have. In my opinion outside of the 1st round we've done well, but not great.
Some palyers you mentioned are hits I will recognize as much better than ours. Getzlaf, Perry, perhaps Carter, Richards. But Carlson? Come on. Staal's a better hit than that. And if you want to examine their other picks, I'd say Green is the only one that's impressive to the point where I think they hit better than we have.

Subban? Really? Offensively, great. But again, Staal..and McDonagh...and Sauer...and Girardi...I'm content with all four of those guys over him.

Again, Statsny is nice, but when have the Avs hit otherwise? What are you gonan tell me? Shattenkirk? Stewart? O'Reilly? We may not have hit with an ~80 point player (yet...) but as a whole the Avs are in an awful state right now and have a terrible defense, mainly because they've missed more than they've hit with defenseman in the draft.

And just to emphasize, you completely neglect the fact that we hit with a top shutdown defenseman in Marc Staal. How many guys are there like that in the NHL? And we got really lucky to get a great complimentary guy in Girardi for the top pair. And it looks like Sauer will be a great d-man that can play top 4 minutes too.

How many guys are there like Callahan, Dustin Brown, etc. that can play all situations and still sniff 60 points in an 82 game season(going on what he would've probably gotten to in moer than 62 games played).

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