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05-11-2011, 04:22 AM
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Wow, what a week for the Sting!

A great "steal" at the draft with DeAngelo, and a new GM and coach with some quality experiance.

I have tuned into the SeadDogs during the Q playoffs, to keep tabs on Capitals prospect Stan Galiev, and can not belive how strong the team is from top to bottom.

Although he left in bad circumstances, am I right in thinking Beaulieu was the GM that drafted/aquired core veteran players like the Horse Depresse, Mike Thomas, Stephen Anthony etc (and Im presuming he drafted his own son, the impressive Nathan.?)
I understand that the Seadogs THEN were pretty much as the Sting are....and I like to think Beaulieu was responsible for at least laying down some good foundations, of what the Dogs now have (lol...hope that makes sense?)

I think the previous management of the Sting should be applauded for putting out a very exciting product (last year), but perhaps didnt have the "know how" of also making it a "solid" team.
I still cringe at those botched late leads we blew, and the apparrent confusuion at the deadline, but it was a very intersting year.
Hopefully, this step will give the Sting a coach with perhaps a little more "hands on" experiance.

Great post by PTP and Coyotes....and hello Hermann, glad you are well!

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