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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Ah. Interesting. So, because our 35 goal scorer isn't a grinder, he should be traded? That doesn't make sense. As for him not playing physically, I suspect you only believe that because your irrational hatred prevents you from seeing how he actually plays. Having a rational discussion about Carter with you is similar to trying to have a rational discussion about the existence of Israel with a leader of Hamas. In both cases, the opinion is "IT MUST GO AWAY." We get it. You don't like Carter, and dislike him so much that you would like to hurt the team to dispose of him.

This team has skill, has some players who can score, it lacks the ability to ratchet up the compete level and physical game. It is your opinion that the loss of Carter would hinder this team from getting better. My point is that they can get a high value in return, make space for a goalie which will improve an area of need. Yes, they would miss Carter and his goal scoring prowess, but it would not be insurmountable challenge. I look at a team who beat the Flyers and they won because the players did all the little things and had solid goaltending.

You take this very personally, this is not a personal opinion of my like/dislike for Carter as a person, I just feel he is overrated by our fans in the value to the team. He has the most tradeable contract and value and when we have a team who lacks prospects and draft picks Carter in one move could help significantly in the right deal and open up the space to get a legit #1 goalie(Bryzgalov). It is a business decision, not personal. It is my personal opinion that this team has had success in the past without Carter and they could have continued success in the future without him and at the same time replenish some glaring needs in the organization.

For the second part:

This assumption is terrible. The assumption was that Hartnell would replace Knuble, and he didn't. Some people assumed Zherdev would replace Gagne, and he didn't. Automatically assuming that JVR will replace Carter is inane, and also isn't guaranteed. On the defensive side, JVR doesn't replace Carter, and he also doesn't take faceoffs. JVR has overall been lessphysical than Carter. Again, you think Carter doesn't use his tools because your strange, obsessive hatred blinds you to anything good he does.
I am all for moving Hartnell at this time too. Or at least make a significant move(aka-Carter) and put him on notice that either he steps up his offseason program(hit the gym fattie, and get some skating lessons) or he can suffer some time in the pressbox. You have to have confidence that the guys who are next in line will step up. Giroux has been taking faceoffs over Carter, so this value is limited.

I have also suggested signing Konopka who is a significant improvement in the faceoff department for defensive zone faceoffs. This is about getting Giroux and JvR to take their game to the next level, people thought JvR was a bust and Giroux would never be at this place in his game so soon. Defense is a team game, look at the HBL line as a prime example. Briere is a horrible defensive center, but when the line clicks and plays as a unit they are pretty good at both ends of the ice.

And I have NEVER seen Carter dominate a playoff game like JvR did in game 2. I will bet you right now that come next season that is the type of player you are going to see, and if you look at his stats he has been one of the team leaders in shot AND hits in the palyoffs.

And the regular season, JvR had 107 hits but amped it up more during the second half of the season. Carter was credited with 65 hits in 80 games. Less than one per game, for a guy with the same size and skill and Carter is also a better skater at this time, although JvR showed the drive to the net that I only wish Carter would try instead of getting pushed wide and shooting the crap angle shots.

It is the game I dislike, not the person. And at the crossroads, it may be time to part ways and get some fresh blood.

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