Thread: GDT: Game 6 Part II
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05-11-2011, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by spurious View Post
Yesss. This is what I want too. I'm tired of the same quotes from Jumbo, Patty, etc, saying things like, "We just need to reset and be ready to go in the next game." You're about to play a Game 7 after you just lost three in a row. Say something more inspiring! Sound a little more passionate!
I know. We've been hearing the same old bull for what, 5 years now!! From everybody. I want to hear D.W. and Ricci and whomever just come out and lambaste them for the atrocious performance we witnessed and those whom are simply figure skating out there and getting a little workout before their summer vacations.

[QUOTE=wtfisthis;32980845]Who cares if they acknowledge it and comment about it? Everybody on the team better know that they put up a **** effort. If they don't, they don't deserve to be in the NHL. The problem is showing it, I couldn't care less what they say after **** games like this. If they don't show it the next game, it's jack****.[/QUOTE]

Exactly. All the clichés and acknowledgements of failures in the past and present, all the same old. Just get out there and prove it.

Just think, the Canucks are looking at this series and thinking, 'if the Wings win it, they are so beat up with injuries that we will simply wear them out (that's the embarassment for us also, if you get my point). If the Sharks win it, there D has a pretty bad bottom half and, they go into disarray and panic mode if pressured or speed is used against them. The major weak spot has been exposed. Plus, let's get them while the likes of Marleau, one of their main players, is in one of his streaky/lengthy down periods.'

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