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05-11-2011, 10:10 AM
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Originally Posted by glenngineer View Post
BFC, not withstanding if your math is wrong or right but why are we giving up on Wilson so soon? Not a smart idea in my book. Finding a team willing to take on Dumont is one thing but that money is allotted to re-sign Suter and Rinne and as good as Richards is, he's not worth that type of money. I'd rather keep Weber, Suter and Rinne than to have Weber, Richards and one of Suter and Rinne.

You're also assuming SK and Ward re-sign with us for those numbers.

Big thing is knowing what is up with Lombardi and Bouillon. If they're done, put them on LTIR and go from there. It can be done if we're creative but I don't see throwing that much money at Richards as the answer. We need snipers, not another play maker type up front.
LTIR does not help the Predators. LTIR only can help teams who are cap max. LTIR removes the cap value of a player not the cash spent on the player. Also once a player is on LTIR they can not be traded to another team, they are anchored to the Predators.

My buyout knowledge is fuzzy but I BELIEVE, don't quote me, that when a team buys out a player that player can not return to the team who bought him out. I'm researching on this. IF, Dumont wants to keep playing in Nashville and the prior is true, he would have to agree to a team and then be bought out from them and then re-sign with Nashville. The Dumont Family likes Nashville. Why not give Dumont a carrot to lower his salary to not move his team from Nashville?

If Lombardi is done Wilson and picks would be the carrot for a cap max team to take the deal and remove 3.5 m in cash from the Preds. I'm not giving up on Wilson. I'm realizing that I'm trying to make a move to give Nashville the cash flexibility they need to make moves, they will have to part with Wilson and deal from a position of strength. Nashville was the youngest team in the playoffs. They should try and trade for GOOD experience. Yes, they could have a center line of O'Reilly/Fisher/Dumont/Smithson. but with a Versteeg deal they are getting a 20 goal scorer and a strong center. Nashville is losing a lot of age with Sully going, Dumont, next to go, Lombardi possibly done. Nashville can afford to make a deal for veteran players who can help with the scoring.

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