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05-11-2011, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
No. 2 Goaltending

We didn't lose the series against Boston because of Goaltending. We lost because we stopped skating, stopped defending and stopped playing. This pretty much happened after the all-star break. While our goaltending wasn't spectacular by any stretch of the imagination, it didn't lose us games. Leaving players open in the slot did. Leaving opposition teams skate circles around us did.

Goaltending wasn't our problem in the regular season either. Again read above. While we could very much do with a good goaltender to let Bob progress properly, it wasn't the major fault. While a goaltender might of **** the bed in the season for a few games, every other team deals with that too.
I disagree totally on this
you go through all the goals against buffalo / boston
Any other half decent goalie in the league would have stopped 80% of the goals that were scored in on us.
The reason the team lacked motivation is because they were frustrated wtih the play of the goalie
I believe this is the ONLY reason, the players showed no desire or conveyed that' i give up trying' attitude.
If we had a goalie that conveyed more confidence in the net, stopped some damn pucks............ this team may very well be going against TB next round and beyond

As for your #1 statement about Richards
he is a good leader but............. perhaps relieving him of the "C" for the media sakes will allow him to be a better player, and let Pronger handle the media since he's the one they actually want to talk to anyways.
he can still be a 'leader on this team' without the need for the letter "C" " be on it.

All the flyers really need to do this off-season is :

get a #1 Goalie (it been an ongoing issue since hextall ) and the #1 covered story by all the media as soon as the flyers enter the playoffs
(can the goalie get them past 1 , 2 or even 3 rounds ? )
if the media keeps covering this base every time they make the playoffs, its time the management clues in, and gets something done to eliminate that 'pressure' right off the top.

Get a #1 goalie and you'll get #1 confidence /support / motivation on this team

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