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05-11-2011, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Gibbs18 View Post

Richards and Lavi say that article was a bunch of ****. lol
Well of course management would want to circle the wagons about any dirty laundry..duh!

Here is Meltzer's take..I agree that Richards' tweet as much as people liked it was not prudent and made the issue fair game...also grade school crap as I've said. Again not the end of the world as this stuff between player and coach is not exactly abnormal but it does need to be ironed out nonetheless. Everybody claiming it is a non-issue is being shortsighted...

I have been asked by numerous readers for my opinion of Mike Richards' tweet about CSN Philly/HockeyBuzz writer Tim Panaccio. I do not like commenting on media stories, because I do not believe that particular players' or coaches' relations with the media members should be a story. This is a situation in which social media were used to air grievances, meaning that the parties involved made the situation fair game for public discourse.

From a reporting standpoint, I don't see where Panaccio was in the wrong here. He did not report anything on CSN Philly that had not been widely rumored -- and originated from people who would know and would not have a motive to make things up. People in the national media also had the same tip from the same source.

Also, it was WIP -- not Panaccio -- that went public first with the story about Richards not speaking to Laviolette, and Tim included Laviolette's refutation in his own article. There was nothing the least bit irresponsible about the way he reported the story. The only thing beyond straight reporting he added was his own opinion that Richards can be "moody and withdrawn", which is what Richards jumped on in his Twitter comment.

Regarding the rumor about Richards and Laviolette not speaking, I had heard the same thing second-hand during the Buffalo series, checked into it with a different source and heard that things were "strained" between the captain and coach. Precisely what was said to me was that the story about Richards not talking to Laviolette was "not exactly true" -- meaning they communicated as absolutely necessary between a coach and captain even if there wasn't a strong trusting bond.

Since the same exact thing could be said about a lot of players on the team, the real story here to me wasn't so much Laviolette vs. Richards as that Laviolette and the team leaders as a whole need to communicate better next season. Laviolette himself said that his relationship with Richards is something "we're working on".

I will also say this. Knowing the Flyers, I suspect that management is likely seething in private that Richards would choose to air this out on Twitter. Yesterday, Paul Holmgren, in a much more professional way, responded on behalf of the player and coach. Homer could not have been more direct in denying that there was some sort of Real Housewives of Philly sort of feud that only involved Richards and the coach.

This week, Kimmo Timonen has said that he has pointed things to tell Holmgren when they have their meeting, saying "we won't be having coffee and cake" or words to that effect. Yesterday, Homer acknowledged Timonen's frustrations with the handling of things late in the season and especially during the playoffs. It's not that the level-headed Timonen wants out (at least I would doubt it) and not that the situation cannot be bettered.

It's that a major opportunity to win the Stanley Cup this season was blown in spectacular fashion. The series with Boston should have been pretty evenly matched, with an edge to the Bruins because of their goaltending but the Flyers with a tad more scoring depth. Instead, the series was a slaughter.

The people who care the most -- and Timonen is definitely one of those people, as I'm sure is Richards -- are angry and want answers. So, too, do the GM and coach.

Guess what? There is room for common ground after all. The challenge now is to root out the problems as best as possible, mend some fences and move forward.

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