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Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
Lets just get a few things right here. I'm fed up of hearing about some of this crap.

No.1 Captain Mike Richards

Mike Richards is one of the most respected players in the entire league. He led the Flyers last year to the stanley cup final, in which we were beaten by a team that took apart our goaltender. Mike Richards is a damn good Captain, "his team" were pretty prepared to come back last year. Last year there were no problems with his captaincy, this year we lose and there are, what a co-incidence. The philly media doesn't like him, and that trickles down into the fanbase. I couldn't care less if Mike Richards told the media to **** off every game.

That doesn't make him less of a captain!!!!

Lets get something straight, Mike Richards played the entire season with a wrist injury. A wrist injury is significant because it effects everything, Yes everything! Hitting, skating, holding your stick, passing, shooting. He played the entire season with this holding him back. Last year Mike Richards played the most games out of anyone in the entire league.

Agree that last season he had a significant impact, look at the Habs series. This year not so much, whether it is a disconnect or he is too tired to show up on time, whatever it is there was a drop in his play from last season. And the wrist injury. I am calling BS on this one. It affected him all season? Well, instead of going to Costa Rica why did he not get surgery in February?

We have depth at center, Carter could step in for him. A wrist injury does not affect the ability to skate, hit, and lead by example. I give him a pass because I think there is a lot of truth behind what you do say, but there are also some holes. He needs to grow up and act like a captain, not tweet some soap opera remark back to Timmy P who did not even break the conflict story, only reported on it afterwards. Learn from Pronger, have fun with it, don't cry about it.
No. 2 Goaltending

We didn't lose the series against Boston because of Goaltending. We lost because we stopped skating, stopped defending and stopped playing. This pretty much happened after the all-star break. While our goaltending wasn't spectacular by any stretch of the imagination, it didn't lose us games. Leaving players open in the slot did. Leaving opposition teams skate circles around us did.

Goaltending wasn't our problem in the regular season either. Again read above. While we could very much do with a good goaltender to let Bob progress properly, it wasn't the major fault. While a goaltender might of **** the bed in the season for a few games, every other team deals with that too.
I agree, disconnect, but this did not start in this series. This had been going on for awhile. But, if you switch Thomas and Boucher this is a Flyers win.

No. 3 Chris Pronger

Chris Pronger has never had injury problems in his career. He has one off year and the entire fanbase has given up on him. Please........ The guy played so many games last year, Same as Richards and kimmo, they were bound to catch up. Chris Pronger will be an effective player for years to come.
Not concerned about Pronger, they need him to be healthy. I do not care whether Richards is captain or not, Pronger is the emotional leader of this team, they feed off of Richards as the captain, but when Pronger talks they know it is all about business.

No. 4 The lockerroom split

Oh please.... There are about 30 people that know what goes on in that lockerroom. Funnily enough, none of them work for the media, and none of them post on these boards. While there could be a split, no one here is ever going to know about it until a player marches out of that dressing room and says so.
I think it is clear that there was a drop in play since February and some players have spoken out about their disagreements about Laviolette. I agree guys like ASF and TImmy P are in it more for the drama, but there are some things that you can do the eyeball test and see some things are wrong. We will obviously not know everything but Pronger and Timonen's post-season comments tell a lot about how things are going right now and there is a split going on in the dressing room.

Lets look at some factors here.

The media does not like Mike Richards.
Mike Richards doesn't like the media, and he's not very confident infront of them.
The media loves Pronger for his quotes.

Stories of how everyone is friends in the changing room doesn't sell stories, and it doesn't give writers anything to write about. You do the math.

I probably have more, but god damn. I just wanted to get this off my chest.

Richards needs to stop with the insulent behavior with the media. Maybe he needs to get someone to help strengthen his shoulders and another to help strengthen his mind? He falls into their game too often. Do not take it personally. If you do your job and perform at the level everyone knows you can they will praise you, if you do not they will be a shark in the water smelling blood. Don't let them see you bleed. Have fun, enjoy it. You get paid $5mill a year to do your job, figure out how to handle the media in a more professional manner.

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