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Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
Lets just get a few things right here. I'm fed up of hearing about some of this crap.

No.1 Captain Mike Richards

Mike Richards is one of the most respected players in the entire league. He led the Flyers last year to the stanley cup final, in which we were beaten by a team that took apart our goaltender. Mike Richards is a damn good Captain, "his team" were pretty prepared to come back last year. Last year there were no problems with his captaincy, this year we lose and there are, what a co-incidence. The philly media doesn't like him, and that trickles down into the fanbase. I couldn't care less if Mike Richards told the media to **** off every game.

That doesn't make him less of a captain!!!!

Lets get something straight, Mike Richards played the entire season with a wrist injury. A wrist injury is significant because it effects everything, Yes everything! Hitting, skating, holding your stick, passing, shooting. He played the entire season with this holding him back. Last year Mike Richards played the most games out of anyone in the entire league.
Jeepers, change a name and few other words and phrases and this fluff would be right at home in a Justin Bieber thread on

But seriously, if Richards "led the Flyers last year to the stanley cup final", didn't he lead them to a lifeless mirthless limp defeat to Boston this year?

I think it's more likely that Chris Pronger led them last year, and this year they were leaderless when Pronger got hurt.

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