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10-16-2003, 04:44 AM
Larry Melnyk
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I'm shocked that both Mironov and Maladog weren't at the top of that list, but I'm sure they were on there somewhere and the others deserved it

All that being said, I'm glad Sather lit into them because if he's true to his word it's a win-win situation...Either the Rangers respond and play responsible hockey for at least a game or two or they continue to flop tonight and Sather makes changes pronto..I'll be honest, I think the latter is the preferable option but me thinks the former is more likely....Unfortunately, Brooks is right, Sather has been nothing but hot air regarding changing the vets and nothing might change either way..

Being objective for a second, that sure as hell sounds like a hell of alot of pressure for an organization to be facing so early, but the pressure has been well earned..And it's hard to really gauge how the players will react under such pressure.......Hey, at least it's interesting...

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