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05-11-2011, 06:59 PM
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For my money a good friend of mine John Cale does the definitive version of Cohen's Halleluja. I had a chance to spend two weeks on the road with the VU member and he is truly a genius. His live in france version of this song literally broke me down and everyone in the place as well.

He has a few other songs that are believe it or not equally powerful and great. Easily worth a listen and more.

By the way, Jeff Buckely is often credited with the Shrek soundtrack version of the song but take a listen at the two of them and tell me who you think sang the song for the film.

If you have the time and are feeling nostalgic I just re listened to my "The Damned" hits and there are several (6 or 7) exceptional songs there.

While sitting here feeling sorry for myself (stoopid cracked pelvis is giving me fits) I listened to Joy Division hits and was happy that I did.

Again, if your feeling nostalgic they are both great listens.

I finished an OM made of Hard Cedar for the back and sides and a Northern California Redwood deck (really dense soundboard) this past December that is a presentation model for another luthier down in SoCal but I have been playing it allot while I am trying to rehab my wrist and it is the perfect instrument for softly strummed singer songerwriter songs.

I even had fun playing Danzig's "Mother" on it for my niece the other day and it sounded a little bright but still very good if I do say so myself. Now if I still had hands and a bit more talent...........

Everyone should play an instrument, no matter what. Heck go pick up a tenpenny whistle and learn how to play that for fun. They are very easy to play and you can riff along to anything with one. If not that a harmonica is a fun cheap alternative and if you want something more then by god go get it and play.

Putting away soapbox.

One more singer/songerwriter that I have listened to lately is Alexi Murdoch. I met him at the old Amoeba records in L.A. about ten years ago (shocked that it is that long ago) and he is a smart great and talented song writer. Allot of his music is available at his website and on youtube. He had a song on a tv show years ago that got him a little popularity called Orange Sky, its a good one. He has many others.

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