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05-11-2011, 09:30 PM
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The Hurricanes have made several signings (IF OKAYED)
Re-Signed E. Cole 3yrs-6m Staal/Cole magic undeniable
Re-Signed J. Jokinen 2yrs-6m
Re-Signed J. Pitkanen 4yrs-20m
Re-Signed B. Sutter 4yrs-10m
Re-Signed D. Joslin 2yrs-1.6m
Re-Signed B. Sanguinetti 2yrs-2m
Re-Signed O. Osala 1yr-1.0m

Rumor is they are also looking to package up 3rd and 4th rounders to move back up into the 2nd.
They have also put several players on the block:
Drayson Bowman - Looking for RW prospect as they have a log jam of young LWs/ package with 12th pick to move up(can package with more to move up)
J. Corvo - offer or 3rd/4th line help/ picks
T. Gleason - as part of a package to upgrade defence/picks

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