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05-11-2011, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by irisheyes555 View Post
yeah he left because they were offering him more than either crosby or ovechkin were making(at that time)....and it was all tax free so figure another 25~40% if you are working in north america. and you are close to home and a big fish in a smaller pond. of course after that the KHL asked some of the highest paid players to give some money back in order to support the league which was struggling but still he his making out just fine money-wise.

rads was a good scorer but had never showed he was anything more than a sniper(i.e. didn't play D anything other than trying to score). that is why the preds couldn't/wouldn't try to match the deal. maybe that has changed in his time away, but if he was to return it would have to be with a sign and trade or extension since ego alone would prevent hime taking near the league minimum.
I can't really tell about his D game, did it become better or not, but over all he goes on back check just fine now, and he plays more passing game now( it is russian hockey, you have too).

But you wont really tell till he comes over and shows us what he is.

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