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05-11-2011, 11:55 PM
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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
You are into fantasyland. Top players don't for the most part and it is a losing strategy. Too many injuries. Note the injury frequency on Nolan and subsequent subpar play. Teams can't afford that if they want to go the distance. You use players whose skills are more replaceable to do that duty.

It isn't a lot, but being kind to the refs does get a few breaks. RW was horrid and the stats for the Sharks did turn around with his departure. McLellan and Babcock are pretty good about not blowing off the refs. A very occasional explosion is OK. Repeatedly, not so good. Take a look at the Ducks; their issues are not all strictly in play. Torts doesn't do well either. I have seen Martin and B. Sutter directly shafted.

Player/ref interactions are more fun. Crosby, Getzlaf and JT need to take a page from Pronger who has softened in his latter years. All 4 of the above have paid with lack of calls or extra time for overuse of their mouths.
Uhhhh Crosby and Getzlaf have cups... I think whatever they are doing has worked quite well.

Speaking of players like Getzlaf and Crosby, Should I make a list of top players who hit people in the playoffs, I mean come on! I'M in fantasyland???

So hitting people in the playoffs is a losing strategy? Weird because it seems to me that when teams are being punished with hits they tend to make poor plays with the puck. When the Sharks do decide to hit, I notice an immediate change in puck management from the Wings and most teams. The Sharks are huge, fast team.
Step away from the stat book and watch cause and effect.

Part of the tremendous success in the post season from players like RJ Umberger and Esa Tikkanen came from the chaos they cause when they are destroying people with huge hits.

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