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05-12-2011, 12:02 AM
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A router doesn't install on a computer.

I'm guessing your Dad's computer is in the port identify as #1. It's no different than being connected into port 2 to 4. As long as the modem is connected into the WAN port, you have no problem.

You get the speed on one computer so the problem isn't with the modem or the videotron connection but the router. You will have to go in the router and check your setting. I'm guessing you are not familiar with it so try those easier options first :

1. Start by turning everything off for 5 min., then plug the cable modem, wait 2 minutes, then plug the router, wait 2 minutes then start the computers.

2. reset your router to factory default. Check your router guide but it's usually a small hole that you insert a small pen tip and press for 10 seconds.

3. If it doesn't work, I recommend checking if the router has a new firmware version and flashing it.

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