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05-12-2011, 01:26 AM
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Originally Posted by OneTooth View Post
TMac blows. This team is good enough to go over .500 with *no* coach. A good coach would have this team way over the top.

TMac follies:
  • Lousy PP that continues to utilize the umbrella scheme and continues to produce zilch.
  • A bizarre reluctance to have allstar forwards attack the slot vs passing back to offensively-stunted D.
  • Relies on grinding, percentage style hockey even though the team is loaded with talent up front.
  • Lousy PK scheme that cost plenty of games before he realized it wasn't a player execution issue but tactical issue.
  • Lousy offensive scheme that makes mediocre goalies look like gods.
  • Poor game clock and situation management.
  • Poor player TOI management.
  • Poor at making tactical changes between periods and between games.
  • Puts blame on player execution while not recognizing that the tactical plan can be the issue as well.
3 years, 3 very different teams and pretty much the same issues every year. JT and Heatley have changed their game, they got a true scoring 3rd line, added more scoring potential on the blueline, etc. and yet they're still making mediocre goalies look like gods by pounding a million worthless shots on goal and still can't score on the PP or 5-on-5 vs the better teams.
A few months ago you were saying the D is subpar and DW should be fired. Now a good couch could have us over the top? Your simply a Debbie Downer whenever the opportunity seems to arise.


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