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08-16-2005, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Figgles
Why do all of these people, who are obviously jealous of what the flyers have done, insist on comparing the flyers current roster with the 03-04 roster and call the team overrated. Last time I checked the 05-06 flyers are not going to be playing the 03-04 flyers. Why won't these people compare our roster to the other teams in the league?
I would say for the most part that people are just trying to be analytical about the pluses and minuses. It's not jealousy - well, I for one am jealous as all hell that you got Forsberg, but that's besides the point - but a natural reaction to overzealous fans proclaiming these moves to be the key to Stanley. The reality is, there has been a huge turnover in the top end of the Flyers personnel and until a significant amount of games have been played, we'll not know how well the moves worked out.

Doesn't really matter what team you're talking about, anyone can pick apart the acquisitions or anoint them as saviours...depending on your bias towards said team and/or player. The Leafs picked up 3 former all-stars for next to nothing that are still young enough to produce, yet they can also be perceived as washed up, injury prone stiffs. Ottawa has played for a few years with the best team on the ice, but also with a mediocre goalie which promptly neutralized that advantage. They get Hasek and the reaction is hardly different than the Leafs acquisitions.

I say, let people speculate all they want and we'll all see what happens when the season starts. For the record, MPO is that Philly has sacrificed some depth but they've added some big time players so I can't say what effect that will have overall. I would imagine they are going to be more of a stingy team than an offensive powerhouse. Regardless, it will be a great battle between TB, Phi and Ott for the East.

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