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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Size is irrelevant on case per case basis.

It becomes relevant on average, as you need different types of players to do different things. It's a question of balance. I don't want big guys all around, as much as I don't want small guys all around, but contrarily to others, I do understand the need for a couple of big bodies around the net, for many reasons.

BTW, Pouliot is a forward, stick to Ds if you want to give examples, as forwards don't need to use their size as much, and league average is taller for Ds, smaller for forwards.

Why don't you talk of Sopel, Gill and Mara, and the reason why the Habs use them despite their seeming lack of offensive talent?
I guess what I find to be over rated is height. Weight, strength and balance is what you need to control the crease as a d-man. Height plays no factor in any of those things.
Pouliot wasn't the best example, but if you compared Gill and Subban, I think Subban can clear bodies better than Gill. Gill uses his reach and his big body to get in the way of the puck. You never see him man handling anyone and he is 6'7".
All I am saying is I would rather have a D-man who is something like 6'0" 225 rather than a D-man who is 6'6" 210. Again, weight, strength and balance are key and a low center of gravity adds to those more so than being top heavy.

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