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Originally Posted by 94now View Post
It was insulting for one of the best players in history to be offered a performance defined agreement. Talent is never paid for what it does. Talent is paid for what it's able to do. KHL didn't ask any of BS Sather was. They just wanted a talent. They got him. AND I DID NOT SEE HIM HERE. Who did better? They did. People from Ohmsk. That makes Sather a complete moron in my eyes. But I used to live with it.
He didn't stopped with JJ. He followed with Jagr's replacement Zherdev that was no match, but better that nothing we got nowadays. Then Sather replaced the intelligent HC we had with mad slavedriver that should have scared away any talented players for years to come. Richards will never sign in here, don't hope for that. He is no Jagr, but he is smart too.
Omsk giving Jagr that contract was much more about marketing and PR than it was about paying for Jagr's talent. The difference is, Sather didn't need to sign Jagr to "prove" that the Rangers are a legitimate team, or that the NHL is a legitimate league.

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