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05-12-2011, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by otown View Post
TGOR needs a massive overhaul. The locker room banter has run its course.

TGOR needs more guest spots, sports panels, credible insight and above all ....less Jungle Jim!

The best programming on TEAM 1200 is the Healthy Scratches- Steve LLoyd and Jason York do an admirable job. Love the "power hour".

JR- do the right thing and give the listeners what they want....quality sports radio!!!
I think this best sums up my feelings as well. I basically have The Team on from 7:30-5:30/6pm every day...

TGOR - has its moments, but I want more sports talk. I do enjoy listening to Pierre every morning.

SportsCall - meh... the subject matter is usually good, but Lee and Phil are kind of boring.

Jim Rome - I don't give a crap about his show, and would be fine if it was off Team1200. Its 3 hours of background noise for me.

Healthy Scratches - by far the highlight of the day, and the Power Hour is great radio, I love it. Lloyd and York are fantastic and I hope when this station inevitably does become TSN radio, there is a place for the Scratches.

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