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05-12-2011, 10:01 AM
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Here let me break the cycle ignoring the ignore button.

Who are the two best coaches, is a better question. Give a Murray Ovi. Wilson, Schoenfeld, and then we can compare success stories. Ovi is an all world difference maker.

The only won that fumbled that one away was Hanlon. Bruce is on his way to fumbling it away too. He should consider himself lucky to have a job.

I think Bryan Murray may be the best Caps coach of all time. I loved his tactical adjustments in the playoffs, something that Bruce could use a lesson on.

I wonder how the players feel about Bruce being retained. Sure, Brooks PR guy Laich pins the loss on himself, but doubt they all do away from a twit account. They were too young and too passive to make a real run this year. Bruce looked like a playoff noob. What did he do in these playoffs that you liked? Benched Fehr? Rode Neuvy?

It all comes back to George and how he has constructed the team. I would think the bar was not set to win a cup this year, but then the deadline deals he repeatedly does, tells me the cup his goal every year.

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