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True story.

In 1991 I was in the Army, stationed in Korea. I followed the Sharks as best I could (which was a lot harder in the days before the internet) We got the NY Times and the LA Times, but they were the earliest editions so that we could get them in Korea in the evening of the same day. As such, I was always at least a day behind in knowing what had happened.

While in a shop in Tongduchon, I spotted a Sharks pull-over jacket and they only wanted $33 for it. I looked it over and it seemed pretty sturdy and legit so I bought it. I owned my first piece of Sharks paraphernalia before I ever set foot on American soil in their lifetime.

I still own that jacket. I found out later that what I bought was a genuine article Sharks jacket. They were made in Korea. The only difference between mine and the one sold in America is the American ones get a second line of stitching on the shoulders when they get here.

I love that jacket. Still wear it from time to time. I won't be giving up on them any time soon...

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