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05-12-2011, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by RJ8812 View Post
Bryzgalov has accomplished nothing in the playoffs. He looked awful vs DET and couldnt even make routine saves (don't give me that "he team was outplayed" ********). If we sign him and he falters, I'll bump this thread
first of all thank god your not our gen. manager. He was obviously disinterested. He's never been a starter on a contender. Ever hear of motivation? remember our teams lack of it in the 2nd round? he was in the same situation. he's the peanut butter, were the chocolate. You'd rather shove a square piece in a round hole? He's the best goalie out there. were the best team out there in need of a goalie. done deal. and yeah, we need to clear some cap room. I'm all in for movin a forward or defenseman. No team can play with confidence in front of an empty net. were so scared to trade one of these albatross contracts we had the nads to sign in the first place yet we wont grow a pair to get a quality contract for what i consider the most impotant position in sports? This guys age, ability, personality, and motivation (yea, its an assumption but what isnt?) is perfect for our needs.

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