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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
Do you categorize Langway as a top 5 player in the world during his time? Apples to Oranges. But i get your point.

But to play along, rest assured that Bruce would have the proven stay at homer Langway taking as many risks as possible, offensive zone, center ice, and leave old Murphy with Maruk covering to stop the puck. Change what Langway does best. Maruk too. Book it. You know its true.

So who do you think the best caps coach of all time is?
For Langway to have won 2 Norris Trophies in a row during the time when Coffey and Bourque were in their early primes and putting up some of their best numbers ever, Potvin was in the midst of winning 4 Cups in a row, and immediate previous winners Wilson and Carlyle were in their primes says all that needs to be said about how good Langway was IMO.

And you can't say that Boudreau would have made Langway worse by taking him out of his element and not allow for the probability that Murray would have hitched a thoroughbred Ovechkin to the plow with similar negative results.

Honestly I don't know who I think the best Caps coach of all time is. Wilson getting a not all that talented team to the finals, Kolzig's heroics or not, stands out as the best coaching job in the short term IMO. But best coach overall in franchise history? I don't know...

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