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Originally Posted by dpj0122 View Post
Yeah, ludicrous is the word. And don't talk to me about regular season and individual awards. Means nothing.
This puts me in mind of a press conference that former Detroit Lion's head coach Wayne Fontes once gave, where he declared himself "one of the all-time greatest Lion coaches."

The reporters were shaking their heads... one of "all-time greats"?????

Fontes went on to explain that the number of wins he'd achieved ranked him right at the top of Lion head coaches.

Of course, Ol'Wayne left one little tidbit out: he also held (and still holds) the all-time record for losses as a Detroit Lion's head coach.

Look guy,

You're trying to be logical with someone who claims:

Steve Yzerman is overrated

Brad Stuart is a loser

If BB is fired, he'll be the Toronto head coach by training camp (as if Toronto will fire the guy who has that team playing better than it has in many years, and who almost got Toronto into the SCP this year)

People started booing AO because they just hate him, it had nothing to do with the Briere hit

Outclassing has nothing to do with dominating the forecheck (my personal fav... as if I was the one who coined the term "own the corners, own the rink")

Of course, you're right... but why kill a fly with a sledgehammer?

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