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05-12-2011, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by RJ8812 View Post
so you want to sign him and "hope" he becomes interested and gets motivated?

I'd rather have a goalie who was already interested & motivated

we've been hoping that jeff carter becomes interested & motivated out there every year and it hasnt happened. and guess never will. you can't teach interest and motivation. if a player hasnt shown it on a consistent basis for so many years, he isnt just going to turn the corner

IMO giving Bryz that kind of money for so many years, just gives him more reason to not show interest and motivation
i agree with you about carter. im one of those trade carter guys. i think the perception the league has of him is more valuable to us then the actual production he gives us. (example , a hat trick against the panthers in november) but dont pretend like you dont know bryzgalov is awesome. you watch hockey. you know that team of spare parts in phoenix wouldnt sniff the playoffs without a guy in net that gives them the confidence to sacrifice and perform above their capabilities. Now put him on our team. the best team we've had assembled in 30 years. i garantee (as worthless as that is) we perform better in the playoffs even this year with the rediculous amount of injuries to top players.

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