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05-12-2011, 01:22 PM
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I think McLellan is generally a good coach but Babcock has been owning him more and more as the series goes on. It's clear Detroit has made adjustments to the Sharks' approach: look at how often Detroit sneaks the weakside D-man into the high slot because they know the Sharks' fwds on defense tend to collapse low.

Similarly, Detroit's PK has gotten increasingly aggressive as the series goes on because they know what the Sharks are going to do: enter the zone with the drop pass at the point, then pass back and forth between the point man and the half boards, looking to set up a one-timer from the point with traffic in front. An adjustment here might be to forget the half-boards and overload down low, to try to set up Thornton behind the net looking for quick passes/deflects right in front, but I can't remember them ever trying this. Or maybe something else. The point is that the Sharks PP is much easier to defend when they have only one approach. They should be prepared to execute multiple strategies at any time based on the defense's configuration/tendencies.

The Sharks' breakouts have gotten worse, too. But watching on TV it's harder to figure out what the issue is there because you often can't see the neutral zone when the D-man starts with the puck behind his own net.

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