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05-12-2011, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
what he is saying is, the difference between say a Boucher/Bob and Vokoun is a total of 10 goals. What I dont agree with (as you will see if you look a their comments sections) is the methods they use. Taking the career sv% of goalies and using that isnt an effective way of trying to predict future sv% on different teams.
Averaged out over a regular season, I have no doubt that the difference between Boucher/Bob and Vokoun is 10-20 regular season goals.


A) Save percentage is still a team statistic so it's not exactly a safe method of calculation. Vokoun is helped and hurt by his team in the save percentage department just like Boucher/Bob is helped here in some ways and hurt here in some ways in terms of save percentage. Does it all even out in the end? Who knows?

B) The 10-20 goal average is against season long competition, and as I've said before, the problem isn't the regular season. We can win that regardless. The problem is the playoffs when our guys aren't 100%. Do we have somebody in between the pipes to carry us through those lulls? The level of competition in the playoffs is an entirely different animal.

I will say though that I agree with the ending to an extent. Philadelphia does not need and has never needed a big name goaltender. The difference, even in the postseason, is not extremely considerable especially considering the value that you'd have to give up for a big name both in terms of assets and cap space. However, that doesn't mean goaltending is unimportant. You can't get away with playing Blair Betts as a top line center and expect your offense to be a top tier offense. Likewise you can't get away with a back-up goaltender being your starter and expect him to make the saves he's supposed to make. We don't need a big name, we need someone remotely competent and proven in a starter's role.

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