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Originally Posted by Dredden View Post
I also like Jurco, Morrow and possibly Brodin with our 2nd rounders. Stay away from Ambroz.
Brodin is a solid lookin Swedish Dman, if he escapes round 1 I'll be shocked.

Really like Morrow, Jurco I could give or take. Ambroz scares me, not a huge fan.

Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
tough to say.

i know for sure that we had people- like pretty much every organization- at the spits series with owen sound as the better stajcer played, the more attention he was getting. they got a good look at him and a few other guys that are on our list.

were i a betting man- and i am , i would say the odds arent very good for us to call his name at 15. if he some how falls, i could see many teams moving up to grab him. although he does not play like burmistrov at all, teams took notice of what alex did as a rook this year in the atl, so believe me, there will be interest in this kid even if no one will admit it.

with the whole russian thing, no gm wants to be that guy who burns a 1 on this kid, only to come up empty- even though i do not subscribe to that paranoia. he would be the first pick in round 2 though, believe that.

i always put alot of stock in what happens at the combine. ive attended a few before when i was more active with the stars organization. as you know very well, thats where you really see these kids perform up close and those interviews can make or break a draft pick.

brodin will go late 1st. hell be gone by 2nd round but ya never know.

the cat will probably be 2nd rounder but hes a guy i could see a team reaching for in round 1. anytime after pick 20. one thing is for sure, someone will be getting one heck of a player. any one who can skate like that will have a job in the nhl. this kid is my darkhorse to become a bonafide nhl player. i really like his makeup, hands, love his motor and his skating takes your breath away.

as for ritchie, havent seen much of him to be honest. i was told last weekend to watch this kid rise and i expect he will. this kid is a gem. ifirst off, hes a heady player. natural feel for the game. and if you are right and he gets to 6'4- and i believe that looking at his freekin shoulders already, he will be an absolute monster.

some people love biggs, i like this kid better. hes got more goin on between the ears from what i was told.
Good call on Burmistrov, thats a good point. I think teams will start to loosen up a bit about the Russian kids that come over here and prove they want to stay. Still not sure that means the Rangers take Kohk with their first.

Brodin should go first round - Persson, Erixon, Rundblad - all recent first rounders and Brodin may be better than the lot of them.

I"m liking Catenacci, just not for #15 overall, I think there are better players available there. I agree that he has the makeup of a pro Centerman, I just don't know how well he applies that to a team game, looks like Gomez at times, taking the puck end to end and not making anything of it, and that scares me a bit. Second round it'd be tough to pass on him, but like you said, the interviews and combine are pretty important.

Everything I hear year in year out about our drafting, one consistent is the Ranger's place alot of emphasis on the interviews. In fact, they interview a lot of prospects even before the draft during the season, but you'll rarely hear about it.

Ritchie vs Biggs? Yeah I'm you, from what Ive seen, Ritchie is one of those players that always ends up in the right place, whether for rebounds or parking himself in front of the goalie.

Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
I'd certainly consider it depending on the team, but I doubt we'll have any offers on the table like that. Maybe a deal like we had last June of Rundblad for the 16th overall (Tarasenko), but doubt it's pick for pick next year.
That was an interesting trade. Ottawa did it because their top offensive dman prospect Karlsson is good friends with David Rundblad and looked good paired together during previous tourney's.

What kind of deal could we come up with that's similar, who would be our 'Rundblad' in the deal?

Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
Nice piece on Robbie Russo.

He should be someone on our radar.

Good size, offensive skill, good character.

Scouts like Clendening, Russo is a similar player but a better skater.

Russo has committed to Notre Dame for fall 2011.
The thing is, I don't think he's similar to Clendening. Clendening has some edge to his game and IMO has the better overall two way game.

Originally Posted by Glennsoe View Post
From the world cup ongoing, with Norway just knocked out by Finland..

Did any Norwegian player impress you guys ? We need more Viking Power in NHL...

Btw; Granlund from Finland (Minnesota draftee) could be an awesome nhl player...
Granlund was my pick in one of the oldest running HF mocks last year. Pulkkinen was my 2nd round pick, Wings ended up drafting him. How is he doing?

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