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05-12-2011, 02:16 PM
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Kerry Fraser Reflects on an Interesting Call Involving Terry Murray

It is in response to a question of whether or not referees have license to change calls after they are made.

In a game involving Terry Murray and his L.A. Kings I raised my arm and stopped play to call a tripping penalty but reversed that decision when I received new evidence following the blowing of my whistle. Here's what happened on the play. As the Kings were attacking with speed through the neutral zone a forward carried the puck over the blue line. The puck carrier was a good eight to 10 feet inside the zone when a defenceman stuck his stick in the skates of the Kings center man, tripped him and gained possession of the puck. All in one motion I raised my arm signaling the infraction and blew the whistle stopping play. A split second after blowing my whistle I heard a second whistle blow. It came from the lips of the linesman signaling an off side at the blue line. I immediately consulted with the linesman who said he had been bumped as players crossed the line and wasn't able to get the whistle to his mouth quickly enough to stop play. Since the trip became inconsequential due to the off side which should have stopped play, I chose not to call the penalty.

I approached Coach Murray at his bench and explained why his team was not going on the power play, even though everyone in the Staples Center had seen me raise my arm to call the obvious trip. As a result of the offside play I appealed to Terry explaining that if the role was reversed he wouldn't want the penalty assessed to his team. He agreed as I modified an announcement used by my NFL colleagues when a flag is thrown in error. I said, "Terry, it was just an inadvertent ARM." Coach Murray nodded with a grin.
It is just interesting hearing about the dialogue and reactions


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