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05-12-2011, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Tawnos View Post
Right, well I don't think anyone here is seriously stating that this team is going to be a contender all on it's own like Chicago or Pittsburgh is. If they are, well that's just willful blindness in it's own way. The group needs help. Sometimes, though, that's what happens. I mean, look at San Jose as an example. I'm sure a lot of us looked at San Jose around 2004 and though "wow, here is a group that is pretty young (with top players like Marleau, Cheechoo, Sturm, Stuart, Hannan) and just made the WCF. They're really going places." Yet that group wasn't really enough to get it done on their own. This became pretty apparent to management about 20 games or so into the following season of 2005-06. So they traded some major components in Sturm and Stuart in order to get Joe Thornton and plug a major MAJOR hole in their lineup. Now, it still hasn't gotten them any further than the WCF, but my point still stands. There are plenty of examples of organizations who built a good core of young players, but that core just wasn't enough and outside help had to be brought in. In fact, I haven't gone too far in looking at it, but my general impression of the 1997 Red Wings is one of exactly that. Brendan Shanahan and Larry Murphy were brought in that year. The Russian contingent a couple of years earlier, if I remember correctly.

I don't know how to argue with the "he should've been fired years ago" point, because the fact is that we know the situation. That's why I specifically stated that my opinion is colored by the fact that I know Sather isn't going anywhere. Yes, I'm as resigned to it as anyone else is, but I prefer to look at both sides of what's actually happening, rather than dwelling on dreams of different management. We haven't seen this particular cycle work it's way through yet and I'm willing to watch what happens.
I understand and agree that he's not going anywhere. That's not my argument. And I further have resigned myself to the fact that Sather will likely hand-pick is replacement.

I have a hard time (obviously) giving him a lot of credit because so much seems to happen as a result of not doing things right the first time. And you never move forward like that.

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