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Originally Posted by Blackhawkswincup View Post
Wings want to move East and claim 1st right to move but I think the Preds to Southeast make alot more sense

Wings are still the primary draw for road games in West and the NHL would be taking a gamble losing that.

Also I expect Wirtz to put up a hell of a fight against Wings moving

Hawks have lost Maple Leafs and North Star rivalries because of Leafs shift to East and Stars move to Dallas. Losing the Wings would be another devastating blow

The Norris division would be reduced to just the Blues and Hawks
The Red Wings claim they have dibs on switching. And they're wrong.

Actually, Columbus was supposed to as part of their entry into the league. Columbus was supposed to move to the East after the 2003 playoffs, or after the first time they made the playoffs (which ever came first). Toronto was supposed to be the team they switched with, but the league decided that it was more profitable to keep the Leafs in the East and have rivalries with the Senators and Canadiens. In the following years, I've never seen anything where the Blue Jackets had right taken from them. Geographically, Columbus is in a bad spot in the NHL. They've been unable to get traction in the Western Conference, and they should probably have a chance in trying to build a natural Pennsylvania-Ohio rivalry with the Penguins. However, I think if the opening is in the Southeast, the Predators will switch. There's no way the league will have any sort of realignment where the Flyers end up in the southeast.

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