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05-12-2011, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
I'm aware of how a router works. There was an installation CD to configure the router and assign passwords to the network. Hence, I loosely suggested he was the #1 computer. It's by default I say this, because his computer stands a mere feet away from the router and modem. It's just an association I use at gome to suggest I configured so and so from his computer(on first configuration). I know, being #1 or #4 has zero relevance, it's just a matter of being connected. We usually sort by distance. My father being right near it, usually gets #1. I get #3. It's how we remember which wire belongs to who. Seems pointless, but there's reasons why we do it.

I've done all this. Before I reset, I was listed as 8mbps, when I reset, I hit 20mbps. In both instances, my computer is in absolute fail mode to achieve a reasonable speed. It's not my first time with a router. The only thing left is to look for a firmware update.

In any case, I get the 'speed' with a computer, but I haven't tested out his actual direct download speeds. In essence, doing a speed test is a direct download, yet, on actual websites, or file hosting services, my speed has dropped significantly relative to what my speedtest suggested.

A technician will come in next few days, and tbh, I'm at school all day tomorrow so I won't have time to deal with it, nor will it affect me directly for the time being.

I'll let you know what happens.
Well I would bet good money that CD was the problem. It probably activated a bunch of thing, closed some ports,... The problem look like some strange QoS.

Try my second recommendation, a cold reset put the router just like when you opened it. (a firmware upgrade will reset the options to basic also)

After that, enter the router IP address into a web browser and navigate the menu to choose your broadcast name, encryption and password. Router menu are surprisingly easy to navigate nowadays.

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