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Originally Posted by dangsLITE View Post
Not trying to doubt you, but where do you get this information? I've heard this dozens of times online, and all the knowledgeable people I've asked say this isn't true.
Got it online too, but from very knowledgeable posters who own hockey shops or who have worked at hockey shops for a long time and deal with Bauer reps. It's also very obvious when you try the skates on: at the same size D width Supremes are noticeably wider in the forefoot than D width Vapors, I am very confident that it's true. And posters who have ordered custom Supremes have confirmed that if you want the retail width you must order an E width forefoot, a D width forefoot will be narrower, because retail "D" width Supreme's are built on the same last as custom E width Supremes, while with Vapors this is not the case (the custom D width forefoot is the same as the forefoot on the D width retails.
Originally Posted by Smoke Monster View Post
I'm an experienced skater, I don't have trouble going backward or forwards or transitioning between them. The reason my current skates are not adequate is because they are not the right fit - they are slightly too long and too narrow. That's the reason I'm looking for new skates.
Poor fit is a fantastic reason to get new skates. Wasn't trying to be a ****** or anything, just wanted to give you good advice and hammer in the "fit is king" point, since you were originally talking about which players use certain skates being something you'd want to know pre-purchase.

When you say too narrow, too narrow in your forefoot, too narrow around your ankle, or too narrow in both the forefoot and ankle? I'd say if you were to compare a D width Supreme skate (like the one100s you tried on) with your D width 7Ks in the same size, the Supremes should be a bit roomier in the forefoot (especially around the toes), but the Supremes should also be a bit tighter around the ankles (unless you really go crazy with the pump I guess), at least I seem to remember that being my experience when I last bought skates and tried on both Supremes and Rbks. Reeboks are decently wide and decently high volume skates though, if your current Reeboks are too long but still too narrow, maybe you have a relatively wide foot and need a wide skate? Because at the right length for you those 7Ks would be even tighter, and as I said, it's not like Reeboks are super narrow to start with. What size and width are your current skates, and how much extra room do you have length wise?

It does sound like Supremes could be a good choice for you, if you want a more neutral pitch and a wider forefoot, but make sure to try on skates from all brands, in wide widths if you do indeed need wide skates.

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