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Originally Posted by Spex View Post
I agree with all the views here about the daytime shows, except for the scratches. I don't know how anyone could possibly say that's the best show in the line up.

I'll admit, I guess I will sound a little two-faced, because even though I dislike it, I usually have it on because as bad as the TEAM 1200 is it's pretty much the only station I listen to.

Anyway, here's my take on the Scratches. For a 3 hour show, they don't talk much sports as a whole…

From 3 to 4, it's a quick recap of the day's stories, a preview on the nights action and maybe an interview. But the majority of the hour is spent on BS chit chat about idiotic stuff.
From 4 to 5…the Power hour. Although it's a good product, probably the best hour on radio, it's not innovative. They dedicate and promote an hour of hockey talk on an already all-Hockey radio station. Hmm, ok.
From 5 to 5:30…more BS and tons of 3 to 4 paragraph emails that Steve reads word for word. What other radio station reads 500 word essays?
From 5:30 to 6pm…A replay of an earlier interview (yes, that's right. They replay an interview that took place less than 2 hours earlier), maybe a few more emails and they sign off.

Rinse and repeat 5x per week

This show is real bad with content. Take yesterday as an example…They devoted a roughly 20 minute segment to interviewing a guy who's a finalist in the Lays Stanley Cup contest. Wow! What other radio station would devote even 5 minutes to someone who won a contest…let alone 20 minutes to someone who's just a Finalist?

Following the interview, they surprisingly read an email from someone complaining about the show, asking for non-hockey stuff. But then right after that, they read an email that said something like…"hey pal, go get your baseball and basketball fix somewhere else".

Those emails and they fact they actually read them, pretty much sums up the image of this station…"We're a sports radio station, but if you're looking for baseball, basketball, football talk….go somewhere else"

Again, I don't know how this can be seen as the best in the line-up.

My vote for best all around show, a show with the right mix of hockey, non-hockey and non-sport topics is AJ's show in my opinion.

I hope TSN Radio either tells these guys to shape up or replaces them with people who can actually do the job.
While i agree this station is bad i think your blaming the wrong people maybe they should get some blame but the owners should get a fair amount of blame.

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