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05-13-2011, 11:34 AM
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Saying that we're 2 or 3 players from "being a contender" is a ridiculous statement. What the hell does that really mean? Any team in the NHL who isn't a contender right now CAN become one by adding 2 or 3 players. Put Byfuglien, Ovechkin, and Carey Price on the oilers or islanders and suddenly they're contenders as well. Putting us in a position where we're a couple guys short of becoming a contender isn't what any Rangers fan wants-especially after a decade went by since Sather took over. Who cares if it's post lockout or pre lockout? We weren't good before or after the lockout. We've been short 2 or 3 guys from being a contender for more than a decade. At least Walsh put the Knicks in the position of acquiring those missing pieces. Fine, we don't have cap space this year, but wait until 2012 when we actually need that space and we're sitting there with $20 million dollars. That's what it's about. When we need the money, Walsh will have it waiting, and we won't have to do it by dumping guys, buying out contracts, praying for increases to the cap, and whatever other ridiculousness that we have to go through to find the money. I love the Rangers and the Knicks, but if you think Sather has done a good job, YOU'RE CLEARLY NOT UNDERSTANDING WHAT IT MEANS TO DO A GOOD JOB. That's like saying that Isiah Thomas did a good job with the Knicks because he found a couple of decent picks for the Knicks. What about the rest of the job that being a team president entails? What about the most important job it entails-WINNING?

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