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05-13-2011, 11:42 AM
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A 0.03 difference is what you use to prove that Bryz is a better goaltender? The teams they've played on probably has nothing to do with those career numbers, either.../QUOTE]
Or their conferences right? Because we all know the eastern conference teams that Vokoun faces are far superior to the teams out west that Bryz faces.

You should check out Vokoun's GAA when he was out west and played for the Preds. In 8 seasons there it averages out to 2.58.

But, wait! Vokoun career save percentage, 0.917; Bryzgalov career save percentage, 0.916. Clearly Vokoun has the edge!
Again look at the conferences they play in. It has a much bigger impact than the teams they play for.

Brian Boucher also has the record for most consecutive regular season shutouts. Might as well bring that guy back as the starter next year. When Bryz hoisted that Cup, that was the most effort he exerted that day; he played well when called upon that playoff season, but I think you can remember that Michael Leighton had a pretty good string of games in last year's playoffs.
Is Brian Boucher in his prime right now? Is Leighton anywhere near as talented? You're making about as much sense as a fish on a bicycle. I love talking to geniuses like you.

If I want to win the Cup next season, given the choices available, I'm taking Vokoun every time. He may be looking for a contract that's either too long or too expensive to make it work with the Flyers, but that doesn't change the fact that he's the best free agent goaltender available in the summer of 2011.
Yes because a 35 year old looking for a big final payday that might be too long or expensive should always be relied upon when you have an in his prime goalie who's better as an alternative.

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