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10-16-2003, 07:01 AM
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Originally Posted by dawgbone
Yeah, because Mac-T has a whole bunch of veterans in his lineup. Have you ever stopped to consider this: There is a coach, 4 Assistants, and a GM (and an assistant GM too). Combined they make all the decisions (Mind you, the ultimate decision of who plays is up to Mac-T), but unless you see these players every day, you cannot comment on how Semenov would be a better fit. Maybe Charlie Huddy isn't impressed with Semenov and his work ethic, or doesn't think he is in game shape right now, or any number of things. These guys spend more time around the players than you do, and a probably a better judge of whether or not they are even remotely capable of helping the team out.

I am just going by the reports on here, the sun, a couple of other boards, high-lites, etc... Not once did any of them say he had a good game in the pre-season. Most said that he was out of position alot, not playing the body, and taking bad penalties. And having watched him a lot in the OHL and AHL, he gets like this occasionally, and he isn't effective at all...

There isn't anyone to replace him. Even with a broken finger, he is one of the Oilers best players. There maybe a crowd at forwards, but you are kidding yourself if you think any of it can play on the top 2 lines (right now).

So then what was Brewer's excuse last year then? Untimely pinches... like when your team is down 2-0 and your team has a total of 8 shots on net? I think times like that call for a little desperation, but hey, that's just me. Yes, when Semenov is playing well he is far more effective than Cross... but when he isn't playing well, he really gets down on himself, and the Oilers don't need that.

The giveaways haven't been nearly as costly as some of the lack of hustle shown by the offense in terms of backchecking. The problem isn't on defense, it is on offense. If you hold the opposition to 6 goals in 3 games, you have to be better than 1-2, there aren't any exceptions to this.
The whole problem has been the forwards getting the puck with speed in the nuetral zone so they can enter the offensive zone with speed. Now the fault of that is one BOTH the Dmen and the forwards. The blueline isn't making good outlet passes with any regularity - and when they do, the forwards seem to lose the puck or make a second pass o another forwards feet. I think the BIGGEST problem so far is that the Oilers can't pass the puck in the neutral zone! They put SO many pucks in their targets feet or even behind them it makes me wonder if they should line up at opposite ends of the ice and pass the puck back and forth and back and forth and so on......

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